Angel Guide Session


Angels are divine messengers and pure spiritual beings of light whose purpose is to love, guide and support you.  Whether you’re looking for healing with the angels or guidance, your angels are by your side, ready to assist, sharing their messages of love, hope and encouragement with you

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An Angel Guide Session will teach you the tools, to connect with your Guides and Angels, and your time with Helen will include guided meditation, intention setting, and energy work.

During an Angel Guide Session, expect to be shown the tools to ~

  • Align and clear your chakras
  • Cut energetic cords with AA Michael
  • Energy healing with your guardian angel
  • Intuitive guidance, clarity and direction using oracle cards
  • Intention setting

An Angel Guidance session will empower you, bring clarity to the next step on your journey, and bring a connection to a loving power that has your highest and best in mind at all times.  A session will provide the tools to be seen, heard, validated and supported.  Who doesn’t need more of that!

Angel Guidance sessions are available with Helen remotely via Zoom or Skype for 60 minutes.

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