Nurture Wellness Session


This is a beautiful blend of energy work, starting with a zoom call and a guided meditation.

The energy aspect includes Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing, and/or an option for Pellowah healing.

Our session will conclude with a message from your Angels.

We will connect via Zoom appointment, and the energy work itself is offline.


Your 90 minutes session will start on Zoom where we will create a sacred space, set intentions, and do a Healing Meditation together 💫

This is an introductory session, to unwind and connect deeply to your higher self, your angels and your guides. You will experience more clarity, peace, love and light. And who doesn’t need more of that?

A perfect session for those going through transformational times in their life 💫

The session will start with Reiki Healing combined with Crystal Healing and/or followed by Pellowah Healing. The choice is yours which energy method you might prefer, or if you would like both 💫

The energy work itself will be offline 💫 Our session concludes with a message from your Angels.

You will be encouraged to keep a journal and to document your journey 💫