Reiki Healing Session


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Reiki treatments (Energy Healing) can help to make whatever you are going through easier. A session can help you release any fears and worries, help you find balance, bring you peace, clarity and recharge your energy levels, allowing you to feel more connected and function better.

In very simple terms, Reiki supports your body to come into harmony and balance with itself.

A Reiki session is simply the ‘laying’ of hands (non-intrusively) on or slightly above the body. Reiki Healing is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. An in-person client will lie down fully clothed in a position that is comfortable for them, close their eyes, relax and receive the energy.

Reiki Healing is traditionally an in-person practice, yet Reiki Sessions can be done remotely and over a distance by a Reiki Master. This is ideal for those who are not based in the country or who are restricted in their ability to travel. This means you can be in your home and I can be in another location and send the healing to you.

The session will last from 45mins-60mins and can be facilitated remotely or in person with Helen in Dublin.