Reiki Level 1 Course



The cost for The Reiki 1 Course is €222 and the next date for Reiki 1 is the weekend of Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th of September.  

Reiki Level 1 – DR Usui’s system of training was developed to be given in three distinct levels.
We honour the original system and the sacred ritual of Reiki Attunement in person.

The first level is briefly structured as follows:

In Reiki Level 1, you will receive:

  • The understanding of Reiki, how it works, its benefits, the history, and the importance of the Reiki Principles.
  • You are taught the Reiki healing hand positions for self-healing and for healing others.
  • You will receive attunements to activate the Reiki energy.
  • You will receive practical training and healing energy exercises e.g mental and emotional clearance techniques.
  • You will learn about the Chakra System.
  • You are taught how to cleanse your Aura and your environment.
  • You will learn about Grounding and Protection.
  • You will learn about the 28 Day Cleansing Process.
  • You will both give and receive a full Reiki Healing treatment.
  • You will learn how to bring Reiki into your day-to-day life.

On completion, you will receive a Reiki level 1 manual and a Reiki level 1 certificate.

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