Reiki Level 1 (In Person Workshop)


Reiki Healing Level 1 is beneficial for everyone and easy to learn.  This weekend workshop gives you the tools and awareness to create positive lasting change in your life.

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About this event

This course teaches you DR Usui’s Reiki Level 1 training, helping to set you up on your path of self-healing.

The teachings are developed to be given in three distinct levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level and we honour the original system and the sacred ritual of Reiki Attunement in person.

This course encourages awareness and understanding of yourself, along with self-healing techniques.  You will learn the meaning of Reiki, and the first level is briefly structured as follows:

  • The definition of Reiki, how it works, the benefits of Reiki, its history, the importance of the Reiki Principles and how to integrate it into daily practice
  • The significance of your Reiki Lineage and your connection back to Mikao Usui
  • You are taught the Reiki healing hand positions for self-healing and for healing others
  • You will receive an attunement in person to activate the Reiki energy
  • You will receive practical training and healing energy exercises e.g mental and emotional clearance techniques
  • You will learn about the Chakra System
  • You are taught how to cleanse your Aura and your environment
  • You will learn about Grounding and Protection
  • You will learn about the 21 Day Cleansing Process
  • You will receive a channelled audio ‘Helen Barry Self Healing Mediation’ to assist with your 21-day cleanse

You will learn how to bring Reiki into your day-to-day life

What’s included?

  • Group dialogue and sharing
  • Organic lunch
  • Intimate Workshop and experience limited to 6 people
  • Reiki level 1 manual,  a Reiki level 1 certificate and a gift from me to welcome you into your Reiki lineage.
  • Group connection and follow up mentoring


Saturday, Sunday 25th/26th February from 10:30 to 4pm in Dublin K67

Investment: €250 (including booking fee and lunch)

Buddy Discount, and group discount.

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