Reiki Level 2 (In Person Workshop)


Second Degree Reiki is about continued self-healing, awareness and growth, but it also broadens your knowledge and healing skills to enable you to help others to heal and grow.

This weekend workshop gives you the tools to create positive lasting change in your life.

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Reiki Level 2 (Practitioner Level) benefits those who want to use Reiki more effectively for their inner/spiritual development. It is not simply about gaining another qualification to offer professional services to clients. However, Reiki Level 2  offers a more comprehensive range of techniques to provide to potential clients.

After completing six months of self-healing after your Reiki Level 1, you are welcome to explore Reiki Level 2.

The course includes further energy attunements that increase the amount of healing energy you can channel.

The Reiki level 2 degree includes:

  • The passing and memorising of 3 Reiki symbols.
  • The technique and practice of distance healing and receiving four more energy attunements.

During Reiki Level 2, you will be introduced and attuned to three energy keys or sacred symbols, each of which has its unique healing energy. These symbols can be used as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental and emotional healing and to send absentee healing. As a result of this attunement, students often develop a greater sense of awareness, intuition and energy.

A large part of this degree’s training is centred on understanding and using these symbols.

  • Students are encouraged to both use and experience the use of these symbols on themselves.
  • Emphasis is also placed further to recognise the powerful effect that symbolism can have on the unconscious mind.

Techniques are taught to enable you to:

  • Focus energy to release emotional and mental blocks.
  • Focus your mind on sending Reiki energy distantly, otherwise known as remote healing.

If you can arrange it, having a day or two before the course when you can slow down the pace of your life, maybe meditating and spending some time in nature, would be advantageous. On the training weekend, please arrive on time and have no alcohol or red meat the night before the course.

The cost is €255, with lunch included for the two-day weekend course, and will run from 10 am till 4 pm on both days.

Please pay a €50 deposit to secure your place. Contact me for details here.

On completion, you will receive a Reiki manual,  a Reiki level 2 certificate and a Reiki gift.

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