Yogandha Aromatherapy Roll-on Set of Three


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A full set of beautifully-blended mood-managing roll-ons.   

Stressed, Tired, Out of balance?  Because many of us are all three, Yogandha have created this magical trio to allow you create a moment of self-reflection, or mindfulness.   Apply to pulse points as a mood-managing mindful fragrance.

Shifting moods and energies can be re-calibrated in a single mindful breath – fact!

Feel Balanced

🌿 Zesty Bergamot to lift, Mindful Sandalwood to calm, Divine Jasmine to balance

🌿 With this perfect set – you can have all three on hand!

🌿 Made in very small batches – grab it while you can!

Keep them near you (in your handbag, on your desk, in your car) and apply depending on whether you need to evoke calm, energise or balance.

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