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Meet Helen Barry

~ Be All You Can Be and More ~


Welcome everyone,

Hi, I'm Helen BarryI'm a Pellowah and Reiki practitioner in Dublin, Ireland & I'm helping clients find balance, peace & clarity through healing energy. I'm a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Writer and a Life Coach.

I am a dedicated energy worker, and I faciliate a positive flow of divine energy in your life, and offer guidance, support, healing, and inspiration.

I like to live an optimistic life and in addition to my energy work, I share uplifting, encouraging and compassionate messages on social media. I create and design the content and I am grateful to reach millions monthly.

I am living in the beautiful North Co. Dublin in Ireland with my husband, three incredible children and our lovely little puppy ... who loves crystals (just like me!)

I’m delighted that you are here, please take a look around and I look forward to connecting more with you.

Blessings of love and light.



“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” Rumi

  • Louise Clarke
    "Helen is one of the most kind, gentle, compassionate and caring individuals you will ever meet. She is wise and grounded with a capacity to deeply listen and intuitively understand you and exactly where you are at. She has an incredible, angelic way of being that helps you reflect on your inner landscape in the most peaceful of ways. And, that soothing Irish accent shines a light on it all in the most soothing of ways."
    Louise Clarke
  • Anna Grace Taylor
    "Helen is one of the purest, kindest, most genuine people I know and I totally trust her personally and professionally. She is a powerful channel for healing energy and guidance and has an incredible ability to empathise and comfort anyone she meets. She is a true heart-leader - a gift to me and to the world and I will always recommend anything she does."
  • Jenny White
    "Helen is an extraordinary energy-worker who has the rare ability to connect the ordinary world with the spiritual one. She has a deep understanding of how to communicate with you on a level that working on yourself feels like a breeze. Under her guidance, you will feel that healing is so much fun and joy. The sacred soul circle she co-leads is one of those rare spaces where you feel that you can leave the heaviness of your everyday life behind. She is one of those precious souls where you feel understood and accepted straight away."
    Jenny White
  • Heidi Dellaire
    "Helen Barry is one of the most gentle and caring souls I have had the pleasure of interacting with. Her healing work is focused and powerful, even from afar. Helen has a beautiful way of making one feel held and supported. As a coach and healer, I highly recommend Helen. She has worked magic for me over the years."
    Heidi Dellaire
    Author of Roots and Tendrils and the creator of