"Once in a while, you come across an earth angel, a human being so loving, caring and gifted that you are grateful for the day you met her. Helen is one of those extraordinary human beings. Her care is so genuine, her healing gifts so powerful. Until this day I feel blessed we met. She inspires and changes people’s lives."

~ Barbara Vercruysse ~
"Helen is one of the purest, kindest, most genuine people I know and I totally trust her personally and professionally. She is a powerful channel for healing energy and guidance and has an incredible ability to empathise and comfort anyone she meets. She is a true heart-leader - a gift to me and to the world and I will always recommend anything she does."

~ Anna Grace Taylor ~
"Helen is one of the most kind, gentle, compassionate and caring individuals you will ever meet. She is wise and grounded with a capacity to deeply listen and intuitively understand you and exactly where you are at. She has an incredible, angelic way of being that helps you reflect on your inner landscape in the most peaceful of ways. And, that soothing Irish accent shines a light on it all in the most soothing of ways."

~ Louise Clarke ~
"Helen is a beautiful soul with a calming presence. Reiki is a very restful experience with her and I always walk away feeling relaxed and connected after a session with her. I would highly recommend Helen."

~ Angela Moore, Reiki Client ~
"Helen is an incredible lady. Beautifully positive and encouraging. She is so warm and welcoming! Helen made me feel so at ease and I felt an immediate connection with her. A reiki healing with Helen is so very beautiful and powerful! I felt so amazing and uplifted after my healing. I'm so grateful our paths have crossed Helen. Thank you so much."

~ ED, Reiki Client~
"After my husband passed away, I decided to go to my first ever Reiki healing. I didn't know what to expect but from the moment I met Helen she made feel so comfortable. She talked me through the whole process. The compassion and understanding Helen had made the experience so much more enjoyable. The energy in the room was so surreal and positive. I completely relaxed and embraced the healing. I'm so grateful that I got to meet Helen because she is so kind, caring and thoughtful and really made an effort to help and guide me. I cannot wait for my next session."

~ AK, Reiki Client~
"Had treatments done with Helen a couple of times and I highly recommend her. The energy from her is amazing and I was floating afterwards. I felt so Grounded & Connected after my treatment. I can't wait to go back."

~ Audrey Murphy, Reiki Client ~