Helen Barry Lavender Aromatherapy Candle


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Let pure love, positivity and healing energy fill your space as your light your HB healing candle. 

Helen lovingly created this beautiful candle; it is made from organic plant wax and contains Lavender, Geranium and Tea Tree essential oils.

Allow yourself to feel that sense of peace and connection and treat yourself to the abundance of luxury natural scented candles. Rich in scents and sparkling in beauty.

Helen has infused each candle in this first edition collection with Reiki Healing Energy. 

Ideal for

  • Creating a sanctuary at home, where you can pause and take time for yourself
  • Creating a ritual for daily mindfulness practice and self-care ritual
  • Enhancing the energy in your room along with cleansing and bringing peace to your space
  • Creating a beautiful scented space with hours of true fragrance enjoyment.

Our candle blend contains natural plant wax, and our wicks are pure cotton.

They are ideal for any occasion and are beautifully packed in a fully recyclable kraft box.

Size: 180 ml glass pot with a black lid

Burning Time: Up to 50 hours
Additional Information: Made in Ireland

Fully recyclable

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