How to Stop Responding to Drama

How to Stop Responding to Drama. 5 ways to live a drama-free life.

“The less you respond to Drama, the more peaceful your life will become.” – Unknown Author

There is so much drama all around us. Many of us say that we “don’t do drama”. But, someone is “doing drama” or we would not see so much of it. It is not even to say that drama is bad, for it surely has its purpose. However, the more drama we have in our lives, the more we struggle. When our lives are drama filled, we lose our freedom and waste our precious life energy.

First, we will get clear on the type of drama we are discussing here. We are not talking about natural human drama. We are not referring to the beautiful drama that makes up the experience of being human. Pain and conflict are not always a bad thing and sometimes, both are required for our spiritual and emotional evolution.

The drama that has corroded many of our lives is an unnecessary drama. This is drama that has no purpose or meaning. It always wants and is never satisfied. Unnecessary drama is always about the problem and never about the solution. It is an endless cycle of disharmony and chaos. It follows us around and steals our joy.

The big secret about drama though, is that it cannot, under any circumstance, steal our happiness if we do not respond to it.

Giving no response to drama can be very challenging. Drama is so flashy and loud. Drama makes you feel like if you don’t respond to it, you are being cold or apathetic. When people are caught up in the drama, they put you in it without your permission. Some people are addicted to drama and they expect you to consistently participate in their drama in order to be worthy of their friendship. Drama is everywhere. Sometimes everyone is so into the drama, that you feel left out if you don’t participate.

This not responding to drama may be tough, but it is so worth it.

Here are 5 practices that will move you out of the drama and into the beauty of life:

1- Never, under any circumstance, participate in gossip or the transfer of third party information. This is the most difficult and by far the most important practice.

2 -Do not attempt to save people over and over again from the same bad choices. Chances are … if someone is having the same situation repeat itself in their lives, they are creating the drama in their lives. When someone is addicted to drama, you must set healthy boundaries with love and refuse to participate.

3 – Say goodbye to desperate energy. Desperation is a blocking energy. There is a difference between urgency and desperation. Desperate energy is overly dramatic and it transforms everything into an emergency. Ninety-nine percent of the situations we encounter are NOT an emergency. When we turn everything into an emergency, we are creating unnecessary drama in our lives.

4 – Stop competing with others. Whether we are competing for a position at work or for love and approval, our constant state of competition with others causes unbelievable amounts of drama in our lives. This type of competition causes us to judge and sometimes even harm those who we feel threatened by. Instead, always do your best in complete faith that, through your positive efforts, you will receive that which you deserve and so will others.

5 – Always be true. Dishonesty and deceit undoubtedly cause a majority of the drama in our lives and in the world. Being honest with yourself and others is a definite requirement if you wish to have a happy and drama-free life.

When we don’t respond to drama, our lives are filled with all other things that are possible. Living drama-free expands us our time to allow us to focus on and build our dreams. When we free ourselves of meaningless drama we are allowed to be happy. We are in the flow. Things just work out for us.

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