Your Spirit’s Not on Lockdown

Your Spirit’s Not on Lockdown

Throughout ‘quarantine’ we have been separated from other people. Many of us have lost jobs or had to work from home. Our children stopped going to school. We went on lockdown. We have distanced ourselves from the world in order to stop the spread of the insatiable virus COVID-19. 

Even as different parts of the world begin to open up again, we all know things will never be the same. Although it is normal and healthy to grieve the loss of our lost world, there is also opportunity on the horizon. We have the opportunity to build this new world, together. 

We do not yet know what our new world will look like. But we do know that, at least for some time, our new lives will require some level of social distancing. The lockdown does not end simply because some things begin to reopen. We have still lost the freedom to connect with other human beings in the way that we always have. 

Avoiding physical human connection is one of the most difficult things for us to do. Love and connection, tradition, togetherness, sharing meals, regularly visiting loved ones, gathering in large groups for a common purpose and hugging our loved ones is part of who we are. It is in our DNA. We are not meant to be away from other people. We are meant to love other people. 

Naturally, this time of human distancing is unbelievably difficult for us. It is easy to become depressed and lonely. We are also seeing and experiencing more tragedy and loss than most of us have ever witnessed in our lifetimes. Because of the trauma we are going through, it is even more important that we take care of ourselves. 

We are living in a foreign world where we are on lockdown from the way we have lived our entire lives. But, we cannot forget that our spirits are not on lockdown. We have been given many opportunities by this crisis and in order to honor the loss that has befallen many, it is our responsibility and our duty to make use of every opportunity that this crisis offers us. 

Our greatest opportunity is the opportunity we have with ourselves. We have the time we never had for ourselves. The world is less noisy. We can hear ourselves more. We have been given the chance of a lifetime -the chance to really take care of ourselves, recharge our batteries and heal in places we did not know existed. In order to cease this opportunity, we must nurture our energy reserves and practice ultimate self care. 

The circumstances that surround us in the media and even in the world around us are draining. The uncertainty is heavy for us and this can divide people even further, leading to much viciousness among people. Many of us feel the sadness and grief of the world. Our environment and the circumstances surrounding this crisis can be overwhelming and draining. This makes it even more imperative that we focus on our spiritual and emotional well-being. 

Within this crisis we have beautiful opportunities for growth not only within ourselves but in our relationships. Many of us have quality time with our loved ones that we would never have had. We have the opportunity to connect with ourselves in ways that we haven’t before. There are many opportunities to be of service and help others. We literally have the chance to build a new world. 

It is our choice how to look at our situation and how to use the time and energy we have been given. 

We can either choose to grow or not grow. We can use the precious time with our families to connect, or we can isolate. We can take this quiet time to connect with ourselves or we can focus on everyone else. We can choose to be helpful and kind to others or we can be blameful, vicious and condemning. But our choices right now affect the rest of the world more than ever. 

Now more than ever, the emotional and spiritual state of each of us affects every one of us. By helping ourselves, we are helping the world. The new world must be built. And, it will be built by us. 

Ask yourself – Who do I want to build my new world? Then, be that person. 

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love reading your quotes/memes….they are inspiring. Thank you for sharing!! ❤️🌹😊

  2. Helen mcnamara says:

    This has to be honestly one of most inspiring things I have read in a long time ❤️

  3. Martins Jacob says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring messages, I have learned many lessons from them and they have really helped
    I appreciate all your efforts putting all these materials together.
    God bless you and keep it up

  4. Martins Jacob says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring messages, I have learned many lessons from them and they have really helped
    I appreciate all your efforts putting all these materials together.
    God bless you and keep it up 👌🌹💗

  5. Truly inspiring. Beautiful sunset photograph with the palm trees. You are an inspiration.

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