Want to know how Giving Without Motive Can Change Your Life ?

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5 benefits of giving without expectation.

“Do everything with a good heart, and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed.” – Unknown Author

I believe … we can all agree that it feels really good to receive a gift from someone. But, something that feels even better is giving to others without expectations. Whether it be a gift of our time, kind words, resources, money, wisdom or encouragement, giving to and doing for others from our heart with absolutely no ulterior motives, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in how we think a person should react to our good deeds, that our expectations ultimately set us up for disappointment. Giving with expectations has a way of tainting the act of giving and makes it about us instead of the act itself. However, the benefits of letting go of those expectations and giving from the heart are innumerable.

Here are 5 benefits of giving without expectation:

1. Paying it Forward

When we do kind things for other people, they often become so inspired by our act of kindness that they decide to pay it forward and do something kind for another person. This creates an ongoing cycle of positive energy and people doing good things for other people without any expectation. There is no room for disappointment within this cycle … because the sole motivation is to be kind to another human being. Remember, “Life is an echo, what you send out comes back …”

2. Peace of Mind

There is … an inner peace and comfort derived from giving to others that cannot be obtained from any other place. It comes from within. It is comforting to know that you have made even a small difference in the life of another. Being able to help others … helps us to feel as if we are serving more purpose in life, and knowing we have positively impacted the well being of another person.

3. Positive Energy

Positivity is infectious. So when we do positive things for each other it magnifies the amount of positivity in the world. What could be better than knowing that you have the power to help make the world a more positive place to live?

4. Promoting Unity

There is something magical in the way people from all walks of life come together to help others in times of great need. Helping others has a way of encouraging people to forget their differences and work together for the common good.

5. Spreading Love

It has been said that “love conquers all”. Giving to others for no other reason other than the act of giving is one of the most powerful and effective ways to spread love around the world. When we create the space in our hearts to help each other, it opens our hearts and the hearts of those we help in ways that nothing else can.

The most amazing thing about doing for others without expectation is that we are actually receiving something in the process too! The feeling you get from being able to help another person in any way is indescribable.

When we give to others simply for the sake of doing the right thing, we set off a chain reaction of love and kindness that continues on, and on.

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